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Content Composer Review

An Important Message from Robert Hutton

Website Content
STOP !!! Read this message because it
will have the greatest impact on how
you write it and what you do with it.

This is what everyone considers Article Writing Heaven. Why? Simple.
Write 1 Article and make 20 plus variations of the same Article all considered unique.

Do you want permanent traffic and sales or just a quick fix. There is no Ivanhoe galloping down the hill to save you. You have to do the work. Being lazy is not an option. That’s the bad news.

BUT!!! here is the good news. The majority of the tedious work and time involved in writing great content can be solved. How? I’m glad you asked. The answer: CONTENT COMPOSER software.

We are not talking about some off the wall sneaky software that promises to cut all the corners and still deliver the goods.This is not some “Black hat or Grey Hat” scheme. This is pure “White Hat” marketing. Everyone knows that Google will slap you silly if you are caught using anything other than what they consider legal, ethical and within their guidelines. So why fight them when you don’t need to. You don’t want any here today gone tomorrow websites do you?

Article marketing and building content is the most proven way to sustain any website, blog or improve your search engine rankings. I didn’t say it was easy. Writing for most people takes not only a lot of thought and imagination but precious time. Remember Time is money.

What is it worth to you to know how to beat the time?
What is it worth to you to be able to churn out hundreds of Articles?
What is it worth to you to have all the Articles UNIQUE?

Just imagine what that would do for your site rankingsyour trafficyour income?
Most of the search engines like Google,Yahoo and MSN will tell you that for an article to be unique it must have a 30%-40% variation in the content from the original article.

A writer needs to remember that he or she is competing against serious competition. If you want a chance to beat out your competitors ( and you certainly can ) you need the edge that makes you the winner.

Here is where CONTENT COMPOSER comes to the forefront.

This is the super software That Makes It Easy For You To Create, Edit, Modify, Manage, Optimize, Uniqueify and Plagiarize-Proof All Your Content!

The Content Composer software almost makes you lazy since it does much of the hard work for you.

1) Create dozens of unique, high quality, well optimized articles at the instantly. Insert the original article, make your revisions and let the software finish the job for you..

2) If you get PLR articles from ghost writers this software Saves you time by making it easy to manage article submissions. You can make up to 27 unique Articles out of 1 original Article. How about that?

3) You can now allow your articles to more targeted with your keywords and make the search engines love to crawl and index your sites.

4) You can ” Content Check” your articles to make sure you are not close to copying anyone. Never get caught with duplicate content. Never again take the risk of being banned or slapped by Google.

No Matter What Stage You’re At,
Content Composer 3.0 Will Make Your Life Easier

Content Composer has a built in Thesarus

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