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By Bob On May 15, 2009 Under Videos

Commercial Blogging Tips

Commercial Blogging? I can make money you say? Blogs are a way of life on the internet these days, but the majority of bloggers are only announcing themselves, socializing with their friends, or using their blogs to make political opinions. Little do they realize that a blog can be utilized in wonderful ways to enhance their lifestyle by making a good living online.

There are many internet marketers who have done just that. The money is out there and it’s available to anyone who knows how to cultivate it. The internet gurus call it Monetizing your blog. Blogs can look just like a website with all the bells and whistles. However there are pitfalls you need to be aware of if you are going to be successful.

1) The idea of having a “pretty blog” with plenty of graphics is not necessarily a good thing. Too many such designs will slow down the loading time for the viewer and chances are the prospect will click off of your blog and just move on. Patience is NOT a virtue on the internet.

2) The simpler the better. Remember the saying KISS, (“Keep It Simple Stupid”)? This applies big time to blogs. Too much crowding of columns and menu bars and side bars can take away the concentration of the viewers. Confusion results and then frustration follows. You have lost this potential customer.

3) Take care of the fonts you use. Make sure they show up in a few different browsers the same way. Fancy fonts are basically a turn-off. Keep the font looking business like. Ariel, Courier, Times, Verdana, Calibri are easy to read.

4) So many Widgets and not enough time. There are a hundred different widgets and only a few are needed on any website or blog. Can you manage them all? They become clutter and time wasters and are basically unsupervised.

5) Search engines like Google and Yahoo make an effort to collect information from your blog to determine how useful it is to their readers. One of the ways they determine this is to check the Links from other websites and blogs to your blog. The idea is to see how popular your blog is becoming with outside parties. The more links the better. However, a major mistake many bloggers make, is they are not careful with the links. Many links are broken or worse yet misspelled and end up going nowhere.

6) Content is king. This is the heart and soul of all blogs and websites. High rankings can be achieved over time but the content must stay focused. Google’s spiders and robots will read every word and if the content stays on the same subject you will perform better than the majority of bloggers and get more traffic which leads to potentially more sales.

7) A great way to monetize your blog is to use Video and Audio files. Again the Audio needs to be clear and the Video look professional. Sites like You Tube can skyrocket your rankings if done properly.

8) Keywords are a vital aspect of all information written. This tells the search engines where to go when someone types in a keyword to search for their product or information. Don’t overload the keyword as it will attract the wrong message to Google and you will be penalized for spamming.

9) It is better to have a few short posts than one so long the viewer will get tired of reading it. Say what you want as soon as possible. A reader’s attention span is not long.

10) Do not use duplicate content. You must always be aware of Copyright laws and be careful not to infringe on anyone’s idea or product unlawfully.

11) Coordinate your merchant’s banners, pictures, videos so they express the product you are promoting. The best method for getting readers interested in your product is to Pre-sell the idea. Do not make your blog look like a sales page with links going to all kinds of landing pages with an order form. Prospects do not like to be pressured into buying. It is better to use the soft approach and let them decide after you review the product.

I hope these tips help you. You will find that the money will come if you adhere to the rules and keep focused.
You can read more about Mr. Hutton at: Robert Hutton and also here
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