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Monetizing Your Blog

By Bob On April 19, 2009 Under Featured Posts, Monetization Strategies

Monetizing Your Blog by Robert Hutton
What steps can a blogger take to actually turn their blog into a real money maker.
1) The easiest method is to become an Affiliate of a program or product. The advantage of this is enormous. You don’t need to make the product. You don’t need to stock the product. You don’t always have to ship the product if it can be downloaded to your computer. This is especially true with information products. You don’t need to take care of customer service since the merchant will have that responsibility.

Affiliate marketing means you will get a commission for every product sold that you promote. This usually ranges from 50% to 75% in most cases. A great deal since you spent no money developing the product itself. The more popular Affiliate programs are Clickbank, Amazon.com, eBay, Commission Junction, Shareasale, ClixGalore, Performics, HD Publishing, Affiliate Future US, UK and Euro, Implix, Panthera Network and Market Health.

2) If your blog is getting a high number of traffic views you will get offers from Major Companies to advertise on your blog. You can charge them a fixed dollar amount depending on the size of their banner or promotional Video.

3) When you start out commercializing your blog, you can put your own banners, text links and ads to promote your own Affiliate programs. If viewers click on your ad and buy, you get a commission.

4) Adsense is a major income producing way of getting revenue from Google. Google will put ads on your site or blog and when viewers click on the ad you will get paid whether they buy or not.

5) Adwords is another Google product. This is better known as PPC ( Pay Per Click). You advertise on Google about your site or other merchant’s sites and make money when sales are made. Be careful, as it can be costly if you don’t do your research.

6) How about setting up a Review site? This is a sure money maker. Generally, readers want to know more about a product before they make up their mind to purchase. A good review, NOT a sales page, will convert many more sales. Tell the good and bad points. Be honest, reviewers will know.

7) Give away some Free items and build up your opt-in contact list at the same time. You can upsell them later on your products.
8) Find a niche you like. Chances are you can build a better website or do a better job promoting it. Do the research on your competitor and make your site more enticing.

9) Use RSS ( Really Simple Syndication) feeds to lure traffic and other plugins that are available. Use Comments on other blogs and join the forums to get a feel of what people are talking about and what their needs are.
The money is there, go grab your share.
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  1. Hey, nice post, really well written. You should blog more about this.

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