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SEO Elite 4 Review

What is it about SEO Elite that separates it from all the other similar types of software on the market? The answer is features and results.

The key is not necessarily what is on your website so much, but how Google and other search engines
think other visitors to your site feel about it. If visitors keep coming back or stay awhile and read the information then this shows your site is more popular than others. This results in higher rankings in the Search Engines.

This program was developed by Brad Callen and his Bryxen Software Company. SEO Elite specializes in targeted keyword research and therefore makes it possible to dig deeply into niches that can make you money.

The great drawing magnet for SEO Elite 4 is that the hard work is mostly done for you. Search Engine Optimization is basically simple but complicated as well and time consuming, and if not done correctly your page rankings will diminish instead of increase.

Let’s look at some of the features this program will do for you.
1) Analyze backlinks using a specific search engine.

2) Get targeted links to your website.
a) This includes finding Link Directories using a Targeted Keyword.
b) Finding high ranked websites with Targeted Keywords.
c) Checking and spying on your competitors website keywords.
d) Go deep linking if you choose.

3) Analyze your Text, Title and Anchor keywords.

4) Verify that Link partners are still linking to you.

5) Find where your site is ranked for certain Keywords

6) Find out how many of your pages are indexed

7) Find possible Authority Websites for linking

8) Submit your Articles to Directories

9) An auto-mailer is a feature that enables you to email site that your competitors are getting links from. The IP address is also shown and spam sites are diminished greatly.

10) This software will enable you to find the best Affiliates to help sell your product.

An added bonus is that SEO Elite can research your rankings with Alexa Rank, website age and Whois information. The User Guide is easy to follow and the support group and forums are first rate.


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