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Ultimate Blogging Theme Review

The Ultimate Blogging Theme is actually what it is, The Ultimate.

There are a zillion blog themes on the Internet. Even WordPress has their own versions. The problem with the majority of them is they are over the average persons head in geek language. WordPress is by far the most desired format and they have an auto-install built in. You can install their themes through cPanel hosting and GoDaddy also.

Me and Carl

By the way here is Carl “kidblogger” Ocab and me at a conference in Manila, Philippines.

Here’s the rub! There is a lot to learn once you install WordPress. There are many plugins and widgets and theme options to consider. Which are the best to use? Which ones are really considered a waste of time. How do I monetize my blog? What about SEO? How do I get traffic?

So how is it that a 13 yr.old kid from the Philippines found a way to beat them all with one of the most used word phrases in the world. He outdid millions of other similar websites and acheived a top ranking in Google.
Do you remember the slogan: K.I.S.S. ? That is KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. That is exactly what the kidblogger did. He designed a blog theme which incorporated only the best features.

The Advantages:
1) An eye-catching design.
2) Full optimization for any advertising.
3) A robot friendly blog for Google and other search engines.
4) An astonishing simple and effective link navigation system.

1) You don’t need to learn CSS, HTML or PHP. It’ all done in the coding for you.
2) The theme is already Search Engine Optimized and ready to draw traffic
3) Two Videos are available for easy installation and explanations of other features.
4) Sections of the blog are set aside for other advertisers who want to join and pay.
5) You can add your Adsense code or banners easily.
6) 7 of the best widgets are embedded. ( opt-in forms, affiliate links, best posts and pictures ).
7) A fast loading theme so visitors don’t turn off and go somewhere else.
8) Automatic RSS Feeders
9) 6 Color variations for a different feel depending on your product or preference.

Ultimate Theme

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